Storms across Bridge.

This evening strong winds and heavy rain sweep eastwards across England towards Kent as they pass over to the continent. The rain is expected to get heavier into the night and the winds too will become stronger with gusts reaching speeds of up to 65 mph inland and 75 mph on the Kent coast.

According to meteorologists this stormy weather is occurring because of a major low pressure zone in the Atlantic, leading to extremely high speed winds up in the Jetstream. At 250 mph, the speed of these Jetstream winds is unprecedented in the 150 years of meteorological records. To get a more clear idea of the storm potential affecting Bridge and the whole of the UK you can view a very dramatic graphic chart of the current Jetstream patterns here:  http//;sess=

Another, rather alarming consequence of this Atlantic low is the relatively mild weather we have been experiencing in recent weeks. This December is one of the warmest on record and reports have been received of spring bulbs sprouting months before they are due.

Unfortunately tonight’s storms will not be the last: another major storm is predicted within a few days and then it appears yet another may arrive with the new year.

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