Autumn announced.

Storm coming. Image Copyright 2013.

Autumn announced itself last night with a thunder storm above the village.

Standing outside my front door, I watched it sweeping in from the direction of Ashford and Pett Bottom. I watched in fascinated awe as the flashes of lightning crept inexorably nearer and the roar of thunder grew louder.

Heavy raindrops pattered across the fields, over Mill Lane and up the road at Western Avenue; their progress lit by the streetlight on the junction. Between the flashes, the sky drew darker over Brickfields.

When a fork of lightning fizzed from high above and hit the telegraph pole at Brickfields Close, to be followed almost instantaneously by a mighty crash above the house, I moved rapidly indoors: and seconds later, heavy rain lashed against my door.

For some time I continued watching through my bedroom window as the storm passed overhead towards Littlebourne, Wingham and the coast at Sandwich.

I have since learned that at Renville, a post bearing electricity cables was hit by lightning. In the house beside it the resulting power surge destroyed a number of electrical appliances including the television, the stereo music player and the telephone answering machine. Electrical sockets lay shattered on the carpet.

It seems Autumn has arrived with a bang.

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