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Mission statement
This website has been created to inspire, promote and support the appreciation and conservation of wildlife and the rural landscape in the Nailbourne Valley: in that respect it is a campaigning website which presents seasonal and topical articles about local wildlife and associated issues. The site includes pictures of the landscape and wildlife in the Bridge area which are intended to provide a flavour of this location for interested residents and visitors. Our picture galleries are not intended as a photographic exhibition ‘per se’. Therefore galleries and the pictures within them will be limited in number and size.

Ethical stance
We believe that inherent in our stated role is an appreciation and respect for our wild flora and fauna. We also believe that wildlife has a right to exist on this earth for its own sake, not just for the needs and entertainment of mankind. In accordance does not support blood sports involving animals of any kind and we will actively campaign against them.

In order to protect our local wildlife habitat will actively campaign against all new building development on greenfield land in the Bridge area of the Kent Downs AONB.

Associations supports or has associations with a number of wildlife and environmental groups including: The Woodland Trust, The Badger Trust, East Kent Badger Group, Friends of The Earth, East Kent Mammal Group, East Kent Against Fracking, Butterfly Conservation UK.

Comments and suggestions
We welcome comments and suggestions. Readers can add comments to articles by clicking on  ‘Leave a Comment’ or ‘Comments’ written in green at the head of each article. Because this site receives hundreds of unsolicited and automated mailings from online advertising companies, all comments received are automatically held in system to be moderated before publication. Alternatively we would be pleased to receive your thoughts and views by email at the address above.

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If you submit written content or images to us they must be your own work and you must have the right to use them. Your own works remain your intellectual property. However, if you do submit them to us we will assume that you are thereby giving us permission to publish them on this site. We reserve the right to edit before publication or refuse publication for any reason.

We will not use your work for any other purpose without your permission. This site uses security software to prevent illegal activity, but you should be aware that it is possible for other people to copy items from this site without our knowledge. We cannot accept responsibility for that.

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