Greylag Geese on film.


Greylag geese, Bourne Park.

Greylag geese, Bourne Park.

In a response to our recent article on the Greylag Geese spending Christmas on the lake at Bourne Park, Peter has written in to send us his short film of Greylags he watched on the lake in 2008.

Although resident in Canada, Peter and his wife have spent several holidays visiting family in Bridge. While here they enjoy walking out and about in the countryside around Bridge and the rest of Kent, admiring our local scenery and, it appears, filming it too!

Peter’s nicely captured film of Greylag Geese landing on the lake can be seen if you click on the link title here:

It is of course rather ironic that residents of Canada should be over here watching Greylag Geese, when to many British residents the most well known wild goose is the Canada Goose, familiar for its black and white head. The Canada Goose (often misnamed the Canadian Goose) belongs to the Branta genus which incudes various species with largely black plumage. The Greylag belongs to the Anser genus, of which most have grey plumage.

We thank Peter for sending us his film and send our best wishes for the New Year to his family in Bridge and Canada. It is nice to know that we have some international readers as well as our locals here.


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