Konik ponies leave Charlton Park

Konik ponies. Charlton Park. Summer 2014.

Konik ponies. Charlton Park. Summer 2014.

Yesterday the Konik ponies at Charlton Park in Bishopsbourne ended their temporary stay and moved on to pastures new. The ponies, which were the subject of an article on this website back in December 2013, are reminiscent of the wild Tarpan horses which used to inhabit Britain 500,000 years ago during the time when much of the northern part of the country was covered with ice.

While the news that these ruggedly beautiful ponies will be leaving the area is rather sad for those of us who loved to see them in walks through Charlton Park, it is good news for the ponies themselves as they will rejoin the rest of their herd from Stodmarsh to be reunited at a huge wildlife reserve in Friston near Eastbourne in Sussex. The new site, which is maintained by Sussex Wildlife Trust, comprises 84 hectares of wetland and woodland so there will be plenty of room for the ponies to roam. They remain in the keep of the Wildwood Trust at Blean who have a policy of breeding native wildlife so that they can be reintroduced to the British countryside.

Note: On the BridgeNature.org website the original article on the Konik ponies can be found by selecting ‘animals’ in the ‘search articles by category’ feature on the right hand column of the page. You will then need to scroll down the page, click on ‘older posts’ and scroll down again until you see the article.

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