Tankers pumping again

A Southern Water tanker working again in Bishopsbourne. 11 Feb 2015.

A Southern Water tanker working again in Bishopsbourne. 11 Feb 2015.

Residents of the Nailbourne Valley may be disturbed to hear that Southern Water have begun tankering operations again on pipes connecting to the main sewer running through the valley.

According to Alan Atkinson, the Bridge Parish Councillor who liaises with Southern Water and monitors their local activities, the water company began tankering work again last Saturday as a precautionary measure. Tankers are taking sewage from a lateral pipeline behind a row of houses on The Street at Bishopsbourne and we understand it will be taken to the Canterbury water treatment plant or one further down the valley towards Sandwich. This action is to relieve pressure on the main sewer because groundwater levels are so high: at least one house further along the row adjoining the Mermaid pub has an ingress of groundwater into their sump and this is being pumped out into the street.

Many residents may be surprised that pumping is again necessary after what we were told were extensive repairs to the sewer network and a relatively dry winter. However we should point out that this is stage one of any emergency plan, it is precautionary, it does not involve release of sewage into the river and in fact its very purpose is to prevent risk of any such leakage.

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